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About Me

I'm Mark Roberts. I'm a husband, father, fly fisherman, beekeeper, gardner, woodworker, craftsman, and about a dozen other things. I started building easels when my son in law, Josh Clare asked me to build one for his new studio and since then I've enjoyed building them for other artists. Things have spread solely by word of mouth and demand continues to grow so I decided to build a website so folks like you can get all the information you need about the easels quickly and easily.  

Each Easel is handcrafted from red oak and finished with danish oil. See video for further details.
Easel dimensions - Base: 32"x30", H: 72", W: 30"

Easel Prices:

Easels: $2000.00 usd +shipping*

Detachable Taboret: $350.00 usd + shipping*

Contact me about availability.


*Easels ship from Northern Utah and can be picked up to avoid shipping costs


Easel Assembly Video